Thursday, December 4, 2014

Happy National Cookie Day!

Blogger of the Day: Jess at Cupcakes and Kale
Pubs: Greens 24/7
Biz: Oh My Bakeshop

Cookie monsters, this is your day to chomp! Since it's still Cookie Cutter Week, let's do Linzers today! Linzer cookies are a twist on the famous Austrian torte of the same name...a pastry shell filled with jam and crisscrossed with a lattice cover. Linzer cookies are even simpler...a solid cookie base with a twin windowed cookie on top, sandwiching a jam filling. If you're feeling creative you can use a mini cookie cutter to make a heart shaped window or star shape or kitten shape or whatever spins your pinwheel. Because the colorful jam shines through, these treats are also called Stained Glass cookies or Jam Sandwich Cookies.  :)

I love Jess' version because 1.they're cinnamonsugary...yum! and 2.they're filled with vegan nutella*...doubleyum! Oh and 3.she throws in directions for cinnamon log cookies...crazydunkableyum! Jess is the owner and chief sweetmaker at Oh My Bakeshop, a 100% vegan-friendly natural & organic bakery up in Ontario. She grooves on using the best organic, fair-trade and non-GMO ingredients around, locally sourced whenever possible, and she teaches fabulous classes too! Judging by her delicious Linzers and these yumful wonders I'd say Jess is a genius baking queen!  :)

*Try Justin's, Rawmio or Hey, Hey Hazelnut! or make your own nutty spread.  :)

Jess has a happy family to feed so she's got pizza, kale and cupcakes too!

Care & share...December 4th marks two important animalhonoring events!

Cheetah Conservation Fund sponsors International Cheetah Day...check out what's happening and how you can join in!

World Wildlife Fund supports World Wildlife Conservation Day...see how you can help and take the pledge!

What would you sandwich inside your Linzer cookies? Which C&K recipe would you like to try first? How are you helping wildlife today?  :)

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  1. I love this blog- Healthy but slightly naughty at the same time! I think I'd go with the chocolate filling too, but maybe choc orange. I'm helping wildlife today by boycotting products containing palm oil as well as being vegan. Palm oil demand is destroying the rainforests and all their inhabitants, plant, animal and human.