Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy National Pear Month!

Blogger of the Day: Katinka at The Thoughtful Eater

Katinka is a sweet Sydney blogger celebrating healthy ethicallysourced ingredients and cooking superbeautiful foods! Her vegan recipes scream delicious and her vegetarian recipes can easily go vegan with milk and egg subs. She's got three fabulous pearkissed treats for National Pear Month, plus truffles and more marvelous yumfuls!  :)

• Use a Cooking Conversion Calculator to convert temperatures, measurements, etc
• Katinka uses Orgran No Egg as an egg can find it in several online shops including iHerb and Vitacost.
Every gem of a pear provides fiber, vitamin C, potassium and more! How do you select the best?
• Pears must be picked from the tree at maturity but before they are ripe. They go on to fully ripen after they are harvested.
• Pears (other than Bartletts) won't dramatically change color as they ripen.
• Perfect pears are bright and fresh looking with no bruises or external damage.
• You can test for ripeness by pressing gently near the stem...if the pear gives a bit, it's ready to eat!

Fanciful Fruits...

What's your favorite December pear treat?  :)

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  1. I can't get enough of pears at the moment, so thanks for this post :) I love baked pears with chocolate sauce, but lateley we have been juicing pears with ginger and pineapple, which is awesome!