Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy National Cocoa Day!

Blogger of the Day: Leslie at flora foodie

Did you know?
Cocoa powder is the nonfat solid left over after cocoa butter is extracted from cacao beans.
Chocolate drinks were first enjoyed by ancient peoples in Central America thousands of years ago. One cacao bean could be traded for a tamale by the Aztecs, while 100 beans could get you a healthy turkey hen!
• Once it hit Europe, cocoa was sweetened up and became a favorite of kings and queens. Chocolate elixirs were widely prescribed because of cocoa's powerful health benefits!
• "Hot cocoa" traditionally refers to a warmed chocolate drink made from cocoa powder...the term "hot chocolate" is used when the drink is made using solid chocolate, which kicks up the fat and sugar content.
Dutch process cocoa has been treated with an alkali to reduce bitterness. If used in baking, baking powder is usually added so the batter will properly rise.
• In a fiercely competitive market, the chocolate industry often resorts to using slave fair trade! Use the Food Empowerment Project’s superexcellent list of Vegan Fair Trade Chocolate Makers.  :)

Leslie's chocolaty treats include Salted Rosemary Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Mexican Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn, Gooey Secret-Ingredient Frosted Brownies and a swirly Chocolate Babka. Her little truffle balls of bliss are a sinfully easy way to get cocoa goodness a wrapped up box makes a yumfully munchable gift!

How would you fill up your mug cocoa, hot chocolate, chocolate smoothie, chocolate mylk, mocaccino or a mocha frappe?  :)

Celebrate some more with our 2014 Daily Food Holiday and Featured Blogger Series!

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