Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy National Chocolate Brownie Day!

Blogger of the Day: Zsu at Zsu's Vegan Pantry
Pubs: Everyday Vegan Eats

I have a mile long list of fast nobake brownie recipes but today is a superchilly drizzly day here so baked brownies must happen! The smell of rich fudge brownies coming from the oven always cheers me (and my housemates!) right up and yumful squares of chunky chocolate keep everyone foreverhappy!  :)

Zsu is the coolest...she comes from a long line of restaurant pros so she's expertly skilled and smart in the kitchen, plus she's an animalhugging plantloving vegan! She turned her family completely vegan in one weekend and shares her secrets, tips and recipes with you too! She makes marvelous comfort foods including so many delectable burgers, Fried Mac and Cheese, Lángos (Hungarian Fried Garlic Bread) and these fudgetastic crazygood with a tall mug of steamy hot chocolate!  :)

Sample recipes from Zsu's cookbook are also featured at Vegan Heritage Press!  :)
Chicken-Free Salad Sandwiches
Creamy Macaroni Salad
Flaky Buttermilk Herb Biscuits
Spinach and Artichoke Pizza
Baked Macaroni and Cheese
Mushroom Stroganoff
Vegan Scampi Pasta with Asparagus and Walnuts
Chilled Sesame Soba Noodles
Pad Thai
Braised Brussels Sprouts
Cornbread Muffins
Chocolate Chip Cookies

What's your favorite comfort food on a cold drizzly day?  :)

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