Sunday, December 7, 2014

Happy Chestnut Day!

Blogger of the Day: Liane at VGNGF/MoveEatBreathe

Every year my family really does roast chestnuts like the famous Christmas song...most of the nuts end up in a traditional wine-soaked stuffing recipe from days gone by. For some reason I'm not a stuffingloving person so I groove on using chestnuts in sweeter treats instead. Liane's chestnut cream-covered cake is a yumfully wonderful choice! The cornmeal and teff is a flavorful combination and the chestnut cream is lickably good on hearty bread or chocolate cupcakes or drizzled on roasted parsnips! Liane's recipes include chestnut flourpowered waffles, beignets and a luscious custard cake too!  :)

(Cornmeal Teff Cake with Coconut Chestnut Cream)

How do you open chestnuts? Do you have a favorite chestnut recipe? What holiday traditions do you treasure most?  :)

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