Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy National Fritters Day!

Blogger of the Day: Chinmayie at Love Food Eat

Love Food Eat is wondrously enchanting...Chinmayie's artistic talents shine through her sumptuous photos and her writing is absolutely magical! She shares warm, friendly and funny stories as she slowly surely lures you into loving her traditional and exotic dishes. Something as simple as tahini becomes sinfully irresistible...delicacies like Tibetan momos become easily reachable! Chinmayie is based in beautiful Bangalore, India's bustling technohub and rich melting pot of dozens of cultures and cuisines. She reflects this mix with a fabulous range of recipes, from Havyaka specialties to Indian street eats, from quick curries and yumful chutneys to elegant cakes and rummy cakes and boozy fruit cakes too! She uses traditional Indian ingredients which you can look for at your local grocery store, specialty food market or online...if you can't find them, she suggests creative substitutions and variations. Fritters are a favorite throughout the world, including India where they may be called pakora or bhaji...batterdipped and deepfried deliciousness! You can fritterize almost anything...fruit, veggie, tofu, tempeh. Chinmayie gives us two crazysimple fritter twists!  :)

December 2nd is also National Mutt Day! Post a pic of your lovable mutt or consider adopting a mixed breed sweetie from your local shelter!  :)

Which countries' cuisines would you like to explore? What foods would you like to fritterize? Do you have a favorite muttbuddy? :)

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