Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy National Cashew Day!

Blogger of the Day: Shira at In Pursuit of More

Shira believes that through simple soulful saving you can live with less and give more...she even started a nonprofit called Not So Fast to teach everyone how to help! She also organizes community foodsharing programs, leads cooking classes and quietly inspires everyone she meets to make the world a better healthier happier place.  :)

And she makes a crazyawesome cashew loaf! This nutty chunker is fabulicious sliced and sandwiched or serve it sauced for a potluck or family feast! The cheezy sauce is fast and easy, or go for the roasted recipe that follows for a smokier good on sliders and fries! And enjoy a few more of her yumful uses for cashews...  :)

plus a couple other nutty treats!

If someone gave you a cartload of cashews, what would you make first?  ;)

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