Monday, November 17, 2014

Happy Baklava Day!

Blogger of the Day: Beverly at The Vegan Chef
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Baklava is a syrupsoaked flaky pastry layered with chunky nuts and spices...once you've tried it you crave it forever because it's as close to ambrosia as you'll ever get! It's headsmackingly simple to make...layer/brush/sprinkle, layer/brush/sprinkle, layer/brush/sprinkle, and so on. My wonderful joyful phylloflipping aunt taught me to make it as a kid so if I could do it, anyone can!  :)

A few tips...
• Oil/butter your pan first...using a brush is an easy trick.
• Keep your phyllo covered with a wet towel and just take out a sheet or two at a time.
• Cut the baklava with a wet knife before baking.
• Let the baklava cool completely so the syrup can totally deliciously soak in.
• Check out some videos like this one (ignore that it's not vegan) to see how it's done.
• Play with it! Experiment with other nuts (pistachios are my favorite!), use flavored oils or melted vegan butter, mix in different spices, add cocoa or coconut or finely cut dried fruit...whatever spins your pinwheels.  :)

Beverly's baklava is a breeze! She's one of the vegan community's most cherished chefs because of her extraordinary culinary talents and her dedication to spreading the veganlove. The cookbooks she writes solo, with partners and with her husband Ray are easy-to-read bestsellers, filled with helpful tips, recipes and resources for almostvegans and experienced vegans alike. Drop in on her website, or her section at VegNews or VegKitchen to meet her and discover dozens more yumful recipes!

Photo by Hannah Kaminsky

Photo by Andrew Schmidt

Photo by Hannah Kaminsky

Photo by Hannah Kaminsky

Have you baklava'd? What formula do you follow? Which fillings are your favorite?  :)

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  1. I love baklava, but never thought to try making it- perhaps I will now1 I do follow Julianna Hever as the Plant Based Dietician on fb- will check out Beverly's blog and books too, thanks :)