Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Sweet Treat Ball Day!

Blogger of the Day: Dynise at Urban Vegan
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Sweet treat balls can spin any way...the options are endlessly yumful! Cake balls, snack balls, power balls, energy balls, rolled doughs and doughnut holes...baked, frozen, glazed, frosted, seed covered and rainbow sprinkled all qualify. Make them wholesomely healthy or elegantly decadent...Dynise does a little of both!  :)

Dynise is a whizbang dynamo of energy...she writes, cooks, demos and teaches vegan goodness around the world! She's been loving the plantbased life since her early teens, blogging recipes, recommendations, reviews and rescues on her Philly based website. She collects vegan nail polish (here's a handy list), crochets and sews and creates cool vegan tees too! Plus running, running, running! Her three cookbooks are superhelpful for new vegans...the last one is lusciously pie packed and crazy sweet!

Note...Dynise has transitioned her blog into a review-only blog now. You can still find archived recipes there and elsewhere on the net!  :)
Aloo Palak Pie with Mashed Potato Crust
Boston Cream Pie
Fluffernutter Pie
Hash Brown–Crusted Breakfast Pie
Lemon Fluff Pie
Mini Linzertortes
Raw Baklava-Crusted Apple Tart
Surprisingly Sweet Parsnip Pie
4 Holiday Recipes

If you had to choose...chunky nutty powerpacked bites, sugar and spiced doughnut holes or swirlyfrosted cake balls on a stick? How do your favorite treat balls roll? Share a recipe link if you like!  :)

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  1. Definitely the nutty stuff! I made something similar with almonds at the weekend; yum! Not sure how to put a link in the comments, but my blog has lots of sweets!:)