Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy National Sandwich Day!

Bloggers of the Day: Meg and Todd at Beard and Bonnet

Sandwiches make the world go round so it's always a happy day when we can celebrate these handfuls of yum!  :)

November is also Teff and Millet month! These two grains are blissfully gluten-free...teff's nutty flavor makes it ideal for baking, and millet is delicious in a bowl or in breads (my favorite!). Bread and Bonnet is the perfect place to learn more about these crazycool grains, plus fabulous sandwiches too!

Meg and Todd also create colorfully photographed step-by-step tutorials on how to make...
Hot Sauce
Fruit Roll-Ups
Vegan Parmesan Cheese
and more, plus gluten-free goodies like...
Gluten Free 101: Teff Flour
Beard and Bonnet's Custom Flour Blend

Some of their sandwiches are simple, some are more complex but even the parts are worth making separately. The pesto from their pesto patties is soooo good on pasta too and the couscous from their wraps rocks!  :)

Millet munchies...

Teff treats...

And stop in their shop for vintage jewels and kitchen gear!

What's your favorite sandwich stack? Are you a glutenfree vegan? Have you tried teff or millet? Which treasure would you choose from their shop?  :)

Celebrate some more with our 2014 Daily Food Holiday and Featured Blogger Series!

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