Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy National French Toast Day!

Blogger of the Day: Alanna at The Model House Wife

Alanna isn't actually a housewife...she's a successful model and accomplished photographer working hard and living healthy on both coasts! She has a fantastic eye for capturing fashions, feasts and faces on camera, plus she whips up simple vegan treats like this easy French crazyyumful!  :)

French toast can be made with almost anything...just soak, heat and eat. I've experimented with applesauce, banana mash, cashew cream, parsnip puree, tofu, vegan yogurt, melted ice cream, spicy nog...with grainy breads or sweet breads or quick breads...whatever happened to be around at 10am (or 2am!). Sometimes it works, sometimes it ends up slightly soggy or extra crispy...doesn't matter if you slog it with enough syrup or heap it with more ice cream!  ;)

How do you usually have French toast? What's the wildest French toast recipe you've ever tried or imagined? If someone gave you a pro camera, what would you photo first?  :)

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