Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happy National Eat A Cranberry Day!

Blogger of the Day: Andrea at Andrea's Easy Vegan Cooking

I ambled over to Andrea's friendly website years ago looking for a French toast recipe, and I stayed because it's such a warm comfy yumful place to hang out! Andrea shares dozens of soulsatisfying recipes, sage advice, interesting info and simple stories of life's bumpy rides, from the ease of entertaining to the crazy brilliance of cakeballs. Plus Andrea was based in WI, my homestate so I enjoyed the local slant, but she’s recently relocated to Seattle.  {{{sigh}}}  Madtown's loss is the Emerald City's gain I guess...Andrea, we miss you!  ;)

On to the cranbees! It takes a lot to get me to love cranberries but stuff them into chocolate chip muffins and I'm all over them! Andrea's Cranberry-Chocolate Chip Muffins are squealingly delish! The post also includes a bonus recipe for her just-as-yumful Cranberry-Ginger Corn Muffins...soooo good covered in tangy orange jam!  :)

Bonus points for these magical red berries...they're inexpensive, easy to use and extrahealthy. Plus you can string them around a backyard tree or make an edible wreath to share them with your feathered and furry friends!  :)

Multitalented Andrea designs groovycool tees too!

Are you a cranberry fan? What’s your favorite cranberry recipe? How veganfriendly is your city?  :)

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