Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy National Pizza With Everything Day!

Blogger of the Day: Richa at Vegan Richa
Diwali Sweets E-book
Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen

Reasons to love Richa...
♥ She's genius at vegan cuisine...blogging since 2009, allvegan since 2010, she's created over *600* mindspinningly imaginative and soulfully delicious crueltyfree recipes!
♥ She's gently but persistently passionate about protecting and caring for all living beings. Her recipe posts often include links to learn more and act on compassionate animal concerns.  :)
♥ She rocks a pizza like no one else on the planet!

Pizzas are undeniably the most expressive food in the world...they mirror your personality like Rorschach tests and lookalike pets. My bestfriend P (aka Mr.Spock) builds his pizzas with a minimal crust, spare spices, light sauce and extraheavy cheese...Spock was half human after all. My "mangia! mangia!" mom goes in for rich traditional sfinciuni everytime. My crazy-in-the-kitchen jazzloving bearhugging brother will fill his pizzas with whatever doesn't move...gumbo on a pesto crust is his favorite so far...just wait until he sees this post!  ;)

Or celebrate Everything Pizza Day your way...start with Richa's basic Tomato Garlic Mozzarella Pizza, then pretend it's a plate and pile it high with your favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner! Want more inspiration? Check out the rest of Richa's squealingly yumful and magnificently artistic masterpizzas!  :)

And for dessert?

Mini confession...I'm unashamedly addicted to cookbooks. I can't help it, it runs in my family. Like each of my parents, my kitchen bookshelves are generously overflowing, my coffee table holds a colorfully collosal bookstack and I'm currently toting my latest bookbuy around with me everywhere. I read and reread them, dogear and bookmark them, and endlessly scribble and doodle in them...I'm not a fan of ebooks for all of those reasons. However. I made an exception for Richa's Diwali Sweets ebook and have so enjoyed it! And somehow I'm going to find room to squeeze in Richa's new cookbook because I've already ordered it! Like so many of Richa's readers since the days of Hobby and More, I've been hoping and hinting that she'd write one and Richa has accomplished that mighty feat! She and her testers have worked their tails off to produce a supergorgeous collection of irresistible Indian recipes that will blow the chef hats off vegans and nonvegans alike! When I get it I'm going straight to the Naan and Stuffed Paratha and not stopping til I snooze into a sweet sweet sleep.  :)

What cookbooks are piled on your table today? How do you build your signature pizza? What does it say about you?  ;)

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