Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Juicy Tale of Temptation

Happy's National Pomegranate Month!
And since Winter is sneaking in, time for a follow-up note to a Greek goddess on the perils of the arils...
Well Persephone, I can't say I blame you. First that selfish jerk Hades captured and carried you to The Underworld...if the guy was thinking romantic, he should have taken you to Tahiti.

So you're stuck, literally, in a hellhole when finally...finally...Zeus got off his butt and sent Hermes down to rescue you. Yeah, Hermes is that for later. Anyway. Hades pulled another fast one by tempting you with the sweet scarlet seeds of a magnificently plump pomegranate. Just a handful of little seeds, no big deal, right? Their juicy ruby beauty made you forget all about that "No Snacking in Hell" rule and you savored every last fruity jewel...yummm!

Except now you're stuck in The Underworld half the year while Hades gads about stirring up more Olympian mischief. Damn him straight to Hell. Oh wait...never mind.

Well P, I would have done the same thing. Pomegranates rock and you bet I'd go to Hell and back for that irresistible deliciousness. See you in Springtime.  ;)

from Courtney at sweet miscellany

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(In case you're wondering, here's How To Eat Dragon Fruit)

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The key to pomegranate happiness is learning to pop the seeds out of the pulp. To remove and use the arils (seeds) try the old underwater technique or the water-free whack-a-bowl trick, or just score 'em and eat 'em!

You can also buy dried arils to add into your granola bars or oatmeal or any other recipe that calls for dried fruit. Online you can find them at Bella Viva Orchards or or check your local grocery store.

Do you munch on pomegranate seeds or use them in your cooking? Which seed-popping technique is your favorite? Do you groove on pomegranate juice? Which fruits do you find irresistible?  ;)


  1. I want some pomegranate seeds, I had them in a sweet and savory wrap in Portland, and these babies provided a sweet & tart crunch! Colynn’s kale salad with dragon fruit & pomegranates - amazing I love dragon fruit! All of these dishes are making me hungry!

  2. Pomegranates are so beautiful! I usually remove the seeds by soaking them in water and doing it like that. I love Pomegrante juice and I eat the seeds plain. I am inspired to try cooking with them though!

    1. They're superfun to play with! I've seen them in everything from salads to spring rolls to brownies and pie crusts. I'd love to see what you do with them! :)