Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On The Square

Happy National Cake Day!
We have some big family birthdays that fall close to Thanksgiving every year, so we do the spectacular pie-a-palooza on T-day and crazy it up with cake on the weekend to celebrate. Can you say "group sugar buzz"?  ;)

My little nephew is hoping for a gooey drippy chocolatey cake feast...bonus points if it has a Disney Planes theme. My favorite cousin on the other hand has "grown out of" traditional birthday cakes and prefers something more snackable. I'm thinking a yumfully simple square pan cake is the way to go...

from Poppy's Patisserie

from Laurie at whisking & writing

from Helen at Fuss Free Flavours

from Pavithra at Eat, Live, Burp

from Sarah at The Sweet Life

from Ashley at {never} homemaker

from Alyssa at Kitchen La Bohème

from Alisa at Go Dairy Free

from Hema at Aromatic Cooking

Now I just need to decide which one to make! What would you choose? What's your ideal birthday cake? Frosting or not? Does your birthday fall around a holiday? Do you celebrate them together?


  1. I am looking at that maple ginger snack cake and loving it! I especially love it's name....snack cake...that means I can eat it any time 24/7 just for a little snack- right? ;-)

    Lucky you for cake and pie a palooza!!!

    1. ohgoodgolly yes...there are no rules when it comes to snack cakes! ;)