Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pairing Up

Happy Georgia Pecan Month!
Pecans are one of my favorite nuts and since it's also National Pomegranate Month, I'm pairing them up for vegan deliciousness!

...I should warn you though that both pomegranates and pecans may be potent aphrodisiacs so don't be surprised to get some amorous advances.  ;)

from Becky at Vintage Mixer

from Jesse at The Happy Go Lucky Vegan

from Kathy at Healthy. Happy. Life.

from Hail Merry

from Mark at Irreverent Vegan

from Leah at Voracious Vander

from Amy, The Veggie Mom at My Veggie Table

from Robin Robertson via Vegan.com

from Amy at Fragrant Vanilla Cake

Do you have a favorite fruit/nut pair up? Apples and almonds? Pears and pistachios? Blueberries and cashews?  :)


  1. I love pistachios and dried cranberries together!! That last cheesecake by Amy looks amazing!!