Monday, November 18, 2013

Sublimely Stylish Soup

Happy National Vichyssoise Day!
Vichyssoise is a thick velvety soup crafted from the basics...leeks and potatoes. Sublimely stylish, it's the off-white dress on the classic soup rack. Perfectly suited to any season, chilled in summer, gently heated in winter and easily accessorized...zing it up with shaved radishes or pink turnips, go boho with a swirl of purple potato purée, keep it green with a hint of organic avocado. Or serve it simply with a sliced baguette and a silver spoon.  ;)

from Clair at finding clairity

from Letty at Muffin Talk

from Vegetarian Times

from VegOnline

from Chef Mark's Vegan Chronicle

from Maria at Garlicster

from Aimee at The French Vegan

from Adagio at Italian Handful

from Sarah of My New Roots via DesignLoveFest

I always serve soup with breadsticks or bread chunks or even soft pretzels. A friend of mine insists on dumping Fritos in his soup. What must-have accessory do you enjoy with your soup? Do you go seasonal with chilled soups in summer and hot soups in winter?


  1. I first learned of vichysoisse in cooking school, and it was soo delightful. I would love it with bread. I don't enjoy chilled soups in the summer nearly enough. I guess I am moving to New Zealand soon where it will be summer instead of winter- there's my chance!!

    1. Lucky you! We had friends living in Auckland for awhile and they adored it! Some links for you in case you haven't found them yet...
      The Vegan Society of Aotearoa, New Zealand...yumful recipes here too!
      Julia & Libby...crazyamazing blog and vegan recipes!
      Lisa at VCC's post on her Auckland adventure :)