Saturday, November 2, 2013

Clever Eggs and Secret Salts

Happy National Deviled Egg Day...the vegan way!
Deviled eggs are a crazy mess of all the things that made me want to go vegan. The only good things about them are they're easy to eat and kinda salty, so here are some vegan versions that will rock that easy salty crave.  ;)

from Paul Jarvis via The Daily Meal

from Lindsay at Happy Herbivore

from Bianca at Vegan Crunk

from Pj at Vegan Dinner and a Movie

from Gena at Choosing Raw

Perhaps you need a more hors d'oeuvrey presentation...

from Lagusta and Maresa at Lagusta's Luscious

from Julie at Baked In

from Modern Hippie Cooks

Or a simple eggy salad...

from Jessica at Clean Green Simple

from Justin at The Chubby Vegetarian

from Kristina at spabettie

The secret is in the salt...
You can use regular salt in your egg recipes or amp up the eggy taste with Black Salt (also known as Kala Namak). You can buy it online or in Indian food stores or spice stores. It smells and tastes like real eggs, so use it if you miss that or you are trying to impress non-vegans with your clever vegan cuisine.  ;)

Do you miss the taste of eggs? How do you get your vegan egg fix? What do you serve for hors d'oeuvres?  :)


  1. I made deviled potatoes a few months ago and Mike really loved them. Black salt definitely makes a difference!

    I don't miss the taste of eggs but don't mind if something tastes similar to them.

    1. I can see why your Devilish Potatoes were a hit...I could eat a plateful of those!

  2. I only just recently got into black salt, and now I love it. One of my aunts would always bring deviled eggs to Thanksgiving. I'll have to try out one these vegan versions!

    1. Yep, T-day was always a deviled egg holiday...that was one of my jobs as a kid, along with creating the cheese and cracker plate and stirring things as needed. ;)

  3. I hate devilled eggs! hahaha but some of these look so intriguing, I will have to check them out!! I never miss eggs, except sometimes the omelettes at my work smell lovely on a saturday morning....

    1. I totally understand...deviled eggs are one of those love/hate foods. The only eggy thing I really miss is my mom's big hearty salty potato frittatas but now I know how to make them vegan so it's all good. :)

  4. Ah, I have never tried Deviled Eggs before - I mean the non-vegan and the vegan ones! Gena’s raw recipe looks really interesting to try - love a bit of dipping sauce and the Edamame “egg” salad looks fantastic!