Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Big Sandwich Switch

Happy National Sandwich Day!
Mental Floss' "11 Sandwiches Named After Famous People" caught my eye awhile back.
Creative...yes. Carnivorous...uh huh. bet.  ;)

So I give you Mental Floss' list with The Vegan Sandwich Switch.

1.The Scott Baio: "homemade mozzarella is layered with prosciutto di parma, 
sopressata, banana peppers, basil and a dollop of balsamic vinegar"
The Switch: Vegan Muffalettas
from TP at My Mess Their Kitchen

2. The Anna Kendrick: "the “mighty hot” bold-faced wiener formerly known as
the Keira Knightley, the Jennifer Garner, and the Britney Spears"
from Angela at The Veracious Vegan

3. The Woody Allen: "a towering mess of corned beef and pastrami
that could very well outweigh the pint-sized writer/director himself"
from Kelly at Vegan Thyme

4. Justin Timberlake’s Soup & Thai Sandwich: "a JT-themed meal you can prepare at home
(just make sure you’ve got some ramen noodles, BBQ ribs, bok choy, cornmeal, and peanut sauce handy)"
from Namely Marly

5. The Hugh Hefner: "a handful of breast: turkey and ham with chutney and jack cheese"
using vegan provolone or mozzarella from Sala at Veggie Belly

6. Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedy Special: "an open-faced bagel sandwich,
toasted then topped with peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon"
from Bianca at Vegan Crunk

7. The Mark Zuckerberg: "Boursin cheese and bacon and a side of sweet potato fries"
from Kathy at Healthy. Happy. Life.

8. The Spitzer: "hot tongue on rye"
from Tony at Keep Chasing

9. The Gertrude Stein: "goat cheese, roasted red peppers, tomatoes,
sweet pickled onions, cucumbers, avocado, and micro-greens"
The Switch: Cucumber Sandwiches
from Debyi at The Healthy Vegan Kitchen

10. The Al Gore: "turkey sandwich with mixed greens, feta cheese,
dried cherries, and walnuts in a tomato wheat wrap"
from Jessica at Home Vegan

11. The Alfred Hitchcock: "an anticlimactic roster of ingredients: ham and provolone, smeared with mustard"
from River at Wing It Vegan

What are your fave sandwiches fillings? Do you go for rye or pumpernickel or more exotic breads? Which are sandwiches or cold sandwiches?  :)


  1. Inspired! I loved this- so clever :) I love avocado, miso tomato and sprouts on pumpernickel or toasted "grilled cheese" (my own recipe) and pickle or tomato on wholewheat soda/ sourdough bread. I also love seitan banh mi, especially with lots of chilli! Hot is definitely my fave in cold weather.

    1. Your Banh Mi Chay looks like a big bite of crunchy yumfulness! I was just listening to a radio show which covered the wonders of kimchi so now I'm all tempted to give it a try, along with your miso mayo and seitan. Thanks for all the recipes! :)

  2. Whoa!! This is amazing!! I have never even some of these sammies, but they all look great!! What a great post!!

    1. Please would you come bake your kalamata olive gluten free flatbread at my house? Your tomato flatbread sandwich is a stack of savory deliciousness! You're right, breadbaking is a pleasant zen to fall into...I wish I had more time for it! :)

  3. Sandwiches are just so good. These look amazing!! I'm liking the switch-up to the Mark Zuckerberg and the Gertrude Stein...mmmm! Avocado on sandwiches is my fav.

    1. I think your Veggie Bean Burgers would make a fabulous Zuckerberg stack! :)

  4. Happy Massive Sandwich Day! I love simple comfort sandwich: grilled vegan cheese & Tofurky hickory deli slices. I love rye and pumpernickel…and I’m a huge fan of sourdough! I prefer hot sandwiches ;)

    1. I agree, hot melty simple sandwiches are so delicious but your
      Smørrebrød post just catches my breath...I'd love a tray of these stunning sandwiches!