Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Great Loaf Off

I'm helping a friend find the perfect vegan "meatloaf" for a Thanksgiving potluck next week. He's stuck on the idea of a nut loaf and he's grooving on pecans so we're cruising cookbooks and wandering websites on our recipe quest. Fortunately we're finding boatloads of holiday nut loaves all over the vegan place...unfortunately we can't decide which one is the best. Sooooo we get to spend the weekend test driving these nutty puppies.  ;)

In honor of Georgia Pecan Month, here are a few of the pecan-friendly versions we've found...

from Sara Eats

from Steffi at Don't Fear the Vegan

from Kathy Hester via Craftside

from Kalinda at Wheat-Free Meat-Free

from Jes at Eating Appalachia

A few burgers we may loafify...loafinize...loafiate?

from Rea at Cheeky Chicago

from Chris at Eat Air

from Pat at Dancing in the Kitchen

from Dana at Vanilla Basil

So which one would you choose?

Feel free to throw down some favorite loafy links if you've got 'em.  :)


  1. I have always wanted to experiment with a vegan meat loaf! These all look amazing...

    1. I bet you could easily adapt your yumful veggie burgers...just pack it in a loaf pan and give it a go! :)