Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy Ginger Day and World Environment Day!

Blogger of the Day: Heather at Healthy Eating Starts Here
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Heather started out as a commercial pilot but as she became more aware of the environmental effects of her job, she lost her groove for it. That ecosensitivity grew to include compassion for animals too! She became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and independently studied everything from Eastern philosophy to vegan cuisine...a complete 180 from burning up fuel zooming through the skies! Heather's Healthy Eating Starts Here is a fabulous addition to her nutrition counseling and meal planning services, she offers free nutrition articles, resources and recipes, with loads of helpful videos that explain ingredients and techniques. I love her's informative yet fun, loose and creative, and the videos are crazycool if you're new to veganism or cooking in general. Plus she's happy to answer your questions, and shares lots of travel and hiking photos too! Heather's superspirited about living an environmentfriendly healthy vegan life so hop over and celebrate today's holidays with some spicy ginger joy!  :)

10 reasons why you should party with ginger:
• Ginger boosts energy
• Ginger is an aphrodisiac
• Ginger soothes the stomach
• Ginger is good for hangovers
• Ginger is an anti-inflammatory
• Ginger helps treat migraines
• Ginger speeds up metabolism
• Ginger improves blood circulation
• Ginger cleanses the palate
• Ginger helps reduce nausea
(courtesy of The Ginger People!)

What's your favorite gingery treat...ginger cookies, ginger beer, ginger jam or...? Do you like spicy food? Are you living ecofriendly today?  :)

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