Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy Peanut Butter Cookie Day!

Bloggers of the Day: Sarah & Lou at A House in the Hills

Pro photographers Sarah and Lou are a perfect match...her wedding shots bloom cheerful and romantic, his portraits and projects unfurl dreamlike and thoughtful. Together they live in The House in the Hills with their sweet animal companions, living a stunningly styled life, making superdelicious foods and sharing the photos and recipes with you!  :)

These raw salted cookies win on so many levels...raw & vegan = healthy & crueltyfree, big flakes of salt satisfy your salty cravings, and cookies just always win!  :)

Maldon Sea Salt is a gourmet salt that comes in beautiful flake form...fabulous for topping desserts, chocolates, waffles, whatever spins your spurs. Find it here...
SaltWorks...8.5 oz: $6.49
The Spice House...8.5 oz: $8.99
King Arthur Flour Company...8.5 oz: $9.95
Sur La Table...8.5 oz: $10.00

More about Maldon Sea Salt...
The Story of Salt
Features, News and Inspiration

Are you a camera addict? What do you like to photograph? Have you tried sea salt flakes or other gourmet salts? What are your favorite ways to use them?  :)

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