Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happy Herbs & Spices Day!

Bloggers of the Day: Rika & Doni at vegan miam

Rika and Doni are conquering the New Vegan World! They travel nonstop all over the globe, reviewing vegan restaurants, markets, products, even airport lounge meals! I love their reviews...rousing all your senses with vivid details, you feel like you're seated right beside them, sharing in the experience, smelling heavenly aromas and tasting epicurean delights! You'll learn about unusual cuisines and techniques, plus discover new tastes and flavor combinations through their richly imaginative recipes. Rika is a professional webdesigner and both Rika and Doni are gifted photographers so their site is spread full of lushly delicious pix. They love spicing things up (especially Doni!) so give their scramble and fries a try, then hitch along for more of the vegan miam ride!  :)

Do you enjoy spicy food? Your fave spicy cuisine is...Thai? Indian? Mexican? Portuguese? or...? What's your opinion of vegan meals on airplanes or in airports? Where would you like to dine with Rika and Doni?  :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing the love, Nik, you're so sweet! Have a fabulous week!

  2. I'm a big fan of Vegan Miam- for all the reasons you state. Every single post is interesting and inspiring! And I have to try out that Japanese curry soon! I like spicy food as long as it's still aromatic and not just hot; I guess Indian is what I make most often. Discovering Malaysian spicing too, after my stepson came back from their with some amazing Malacca curry powder, which is so tasty with tamari and coconut milk. My experience of vegan in-flight meals is pretty bad, actually, but then I haven't done a long haul flight for a few years now and I guess things may have improved, going by what Rika and Doni are posting. I would dine with them anywhere, I think; they know all the best places!

    1. Malacca curry powder sounds intriguing! I wonder if it's anything like this mix...