Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy National Doughnut Day!

Blogger of the Day: Keri at I Eat Trees

Keri's blog is a treasury of tried and true recipes. She shares her favorite vegan cookbook recipes and also creates her own original dishes...her cornbread is crazygood stuff and her peppermint ice cream reminds me of summer days hanging out at the cone shop when I was a kid. I loved those candied scoops of crunchycoolness!  :)

It's National Doughnut Day (yippee!) and it's also International Children's a good deed and make these splendid treats with your favorite kids to teach them that growing up vegan is the only way to go!  :)

Version 2, with Vegan Powdered Sugar

No doughnut pan? Buy your doughnuts at your local vegan bakery or buy them online!  :)

What's your favorite doughnut flavor? Have you ever made your own? Do you share vegan treats with little kids? How do you teach them that living the vegan life is the best?  :)

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Keri's pro photo site is swirlingly fabulous too!  :)


  1. Been meaning to make donuts for a while now- maybe this week sometime...
    I think teaching by example is the best- when my daughter saw how much healthier and happier I had become, she went vegan too! Our kids who aren't vegan eat vegan with us at dinnertime every day and really enjoy it.

  2. I bet eating your deliciously yumful meals would swing anyone over to the vegan side. ;)