Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Ratatouille Day!

Blogger of the Day: Grace at Earthy Feast

A new veggie adventure opened over the weekend...Ratatouille the Ride at Disneyland Paris. Not the wildest ride in the world but supercute if you're a fan of the movie! Hop aboard for a video tour...
Disneyland Paris Ratatouille The Adventure Onride

Six Flags Great America was our favorite summer playground as kids...we'd hit it at least half a dozen times a year, occasionally playing hooky from work as we got into our teens. You only live once, right? We tried to cover all the rides from the leisurely carousel to the superspectacular loopdaloops. I could spend all day on the water rides at any park...there's nothing better than a sizzling hot day spent getting drenched while speeding down a slide or bouncing in a river raft. Except sizzling hot drizzly days when the park is barely peopled and you can zoom through empty lines to ride ride ride!  :)

Let's celebrate the thrills of summer with a rockin' rollin' ratatouille, full of vibrant veggies, a natural for National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month. Grace's gorgeous Earthy Feast version will knock you for a loop!  ;)

Are you a Ratatouille fan? Have you been to a theme park lately? Do you groove on roller coaster rides? Which is your favorite? (I love watching these much contagious laughter, plus it's too funny that people are surprised they get wet on a water ride!)  :)

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