Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy National Apple Strudel Day!

Blogger of the Day: Mihl at Seitan Is My Motor

Everyone needs to make apple strudel at least once in their life. It's easy and fun...yes, you'll probably need practice to get the dough thin enough to read through but at least you get to munch on your mistakes. Keep calm and never stop believing that you too can strudel.  ;)

Mihl at SIMM (her real name is Constanze) doesn't mind practicing at all. She's a supertalented baker so expect a breeze of sweet treats rolling out of her Dresden kitchen! She's my favorite kind of vegan...she eats crueltyfree for ethical reasons, and she doesn't give a rip about staying stickthin. Live, imagine, create and indulge...a scatter of sugar and a splash of oil now and then is a very good thing.  :)

One of my faves, 2 ways...

Hit the vids...they're not vegan but they show you how to do the strudel stretch and roll.  :)
Apple Strudel from award-winning cookbook author Greg Patent...step-by-step strudeling
Strudel Making Party with George & Iby...not really instructional but woweezowee that's a big strudel (and if you're gonna do a strudel you might as well make it a party!)
How to Make Viennese Apple Strudel from Wanderlust...strudelmaking and flirting  ;)
How to Make Apple Strudel from Vienna...same chef, crowdflirting and a strudel hotline!
Fig and Blackberry Strudel from SortedFood @ The Table...if these dudes can do it, anyone can  ;)

Have you strudled? What filling would you put in it? Do you stick to a strict diet or do treat yourself to an extraluscious treat once in awhile?  ;)

Celebrate some more with our 2014 Daily Food Holiday and Featured Blogger Series!

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