Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Sunflower Seed Day!

Blogger of the Day: Joy at For the Love of Leaves

One of our most fun friends has a Very Big Birthday next week so we'll be wrapping up two of his favorites...Irish whiskey and some slabs of "manly" chocolate. No dainty delicately painted truffly sort of things. He likes something hefty with bold complex flavors. Joy's chunks of chocolate, chockfull of sunflower seeds and blueberries, rock a manly profile, plus they're packed with superpower nutrients. Much appreciated when the Very Big Birthday Boy tipples a little too much whiskey.  ;)

Sunflower secrets...
• Pick up tips and trivia on growing these gentle giants.
• Plant the right varieties like Sunzilla or Russian Mammoth.
• Learn when and how to harvest sunflower seeds.
• Snack on raw or roasted sunflower seeds, salted or unsalted, sweet or spicy, or scatter them on pancakes, salads, pudding and ice cream!
• Easily roast them yourself! Just spread out your shelled seeds on a pan and roast for about 30 minutes at 300 degrees.
• Spread your sunflower love...give a spin to homemade sunflower seed butter...go ahead and sprinkle in some other seeds and nuts too!

Or buy your sunflower power!  :)
MaraNatha Sunflower Seed Butter
Once Again Sunflower Butter

Do you munch on seeds and nuts? Roasted or raw? Salted or not? What are your favorite non-peanut butters? Do you grow your own sunflowers?  :)

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