Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy World Chickpea Day and Happy Dad Day!

Blogger of the Day: Izzy at Veganizzm

Chickpeas rule the world! Also known as garbanzo beans, chickpeas are favored around the world because they're superhealthy, walletsmart and yumful in a rich nuttybean kind of way. Add them to salads, soups, stews and smoothies for chickpea proteinpower! Mash them up for dozens of hummus flavors, roast and spice them for a fast snack, stir up some socca if you're feelin' kinda flatbready or fry up some pakoras if you're feelin' kinda frittery.  ;)

Madtown Izzy is a Garbanzo Bean Queen, discovering the wonders of chickpeas in dozens of ways! She's so devoted to the little legume that she's working up a list of "50 Ways to Love a Chickpea". Her blog Veganizzm took home the gold in the Best of Madison 2013 Competition for her creative deliciousness, clever wit and tales of her Babushka. She's exuberant about everything so hop on over and enjoy her beanhappy cuisine and a slice of Midwestern yumfulness!  :)

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Name your top 3 fave ways to eat chickpeas. Which of Izzy's would you choose? What's the wildest chickpea treat you've ever tried...chickpea blondies, chickpea fudge, chickpea ice cream or something wilder?  ;)

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  1. These look so yummy-- I looooove chickpeas! Hummus, and roasted chickpeas with rosemary and sea salt are two of my favs! I have yet to try chickpea blondies, fudge or ice wild!

    1. I love your curried chickpea hummus and your bean burgers...seriously I could live on these for weeks!
      And holyrollingsugarfixes...I just saw your new donut recipe at Drop Dead...with rainbow sprinkles! Superyumfulness! :)