Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Happy Kamehameha Day and Hawaiian Fruit Day!

Blogger of the Day: Shannon at Yup, it's Vegan

What fruits do you think of when someone mentions Hawaii? Most people I asked said pineapple but there are so many others to love! In honor of Hawaii's Kamehameha Day get your hula grooving with Shannon's fruity Hawaiian smoothie!  :)

Shannon's bountiful creativity doesn't end there! If you're in a baking mood try her superyumful pineappley Hawaiian Rolls, a vegan twist on the very unvegan, chemicalstuffed standard Hawaiian rolls (yuk!). And then you must try her soaking-in-caramelheaven Monkey!  ;)

How are you celebrating Kamehameha Day? Would you rather eat pineapple in salads or salsa? In smoothies or in shave ice? What other flavors would you choose for shave ice?  :)

Celebrate some more with our 2014 Daily Food Holiday and Featured Blogger Series!

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