Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy National Peaches & Cream Day and World Giraffe Day!

Blogger of the Day: Shannon at leaves & flours

So many things to celebrate today...
Peaches & Cream Day...a classic summertime treat!
Summer Solstice...the longest day of the year means more time to play in the sun!
International Surfing Day...and more time to play in the sea!
World Giraffe Day...brave, bold and beautiful, not afraid to take on any challenge!  :)

Professional baker Shannon isn't afraid to take on a challenge either! She creates her own squealingly amazing recipes, gives a spin on superyumful stuff like Challah, Pain au Chocolat and Chocolate Eclairs, and veganizes favorites like Milk Duds and Girl Scout Cookies. She shares her best bakes (and her busts), enjoyable stories and all sorts of sweetness, so wander over and join in the fun!  :)

Have a Joyful World Giraffe Day!
World Giraffe Day
Sneak Peek into the Lives of Kenya's Giraffes
The Last of the White Giraffes
Nature activist Joanna Lumley gets a giraffe kiss!

How are you celebrating the holidays today?  :)

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