Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

Blogger of the Day: Sharon at Bit of the Good Stuff

City Slickers was one of my dad's favorite movies...I must have watched it with him a dozen times. I love the ice cream scene because it's a fun game to play (if you keep it vegan) and also because Mitch is hugging that dang cute Norman the whole time!  :)

The answer by a landslide is chocolate ice cream! Indulge in a dishful of Sharon's deep chocolate delight, then roam your way through her irresistible menu of international fare! Sharon's blog is always a pleasant stop...she shares stories of her Lil' L, Buddhist wit and wisdom, tales of teaching meditation to young kids (yay! I love that idea!) and her amazingly creative recipes!

A bit of Slicker trivia...
City Slickers was released 23 years ago today.
Billy Crystal actually assisted in Norman's real delivery!
Billy Crystal liked Beach Nut (the horse he rode in the film) so much that he took him home.  :)

And a few movie scoops to see...
Salaam Namaste
The Notebook
It's A Wonderful Life
and more!

What's your favorite movie and what ice cream would you eat while watching it? What ice cream flavors would you match with...
Deep dish pizza?
Vegan sushi?
Cheezy enchiladas?
Spicy chana masala?
Do you have any favorite cinema ice cream scenes?  ;)

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  1. Sharon is awesome! I really enjoy her blog, and I'm a regular reader! My favourite ice cream is cookies n cream or chocolate chip cookie dough!!

    1. oooyeah, cookies and cream! Put it in your raw ice cream sandwiches for more cookie yumfulness! :)