Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Meatout Day, Ravioli Day, Day of Happiness and Springtime!

Blogger of the Day: Jacklyn at go vegan meow!

Time to cook up a joyous vegan springtime feast! In addition to National Noodle Month, it's...
Meatout Day...take the Meatout pledge, eat vegan and help save 8,000 lives today!
International Day of the Happy Dance!
Spring officially starts today...get out there and plant some flowers, fruits and veggies if it's warm where you are or just hug a tree that will soon be leafy and green.  :)
• It's Ravioli Day so make ravioli! It's not hard...if you can make fig bars or apple turnovers you can make ravioli. Heck if you can play with Play-Doh you can make ravioli. I learned at 5 years old...if I can do it anyone can.  ;)

Jacklyn makes it extraeasy...she's got a simple step-by-step photo guide, plus you can use a ravioli gadget to make it even faster...
Ravioli trays
Ravioli cutters
Ravioli trays, cutters and rollers
More ravioli trays, cutters and rollers
...or just use a sharp knife to cut the little pillows apart, any shape you like. Hearts, moons, stars...go for the whole Lucky Charms thing!  ;)

Not stuffed enough? It's a Ravioli Rave!

Jacklyn finds her happiness in cycling her butt do you find happiness? How are you celebrating spring today? If you could convince anyone to go vegan for Meatout Day today, who would it be? Now go do it...cheers!  :)

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