Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy National Banana Cream Pie Day!

Blogger of the Day: Christina-Marie at Sexy Vegan Mama
Pubs: Get-Real Vegan Desserts: Vegan Recipes for the Rest of Us

Christina-Marie is a redhot Washington state mom of seven, a popular book author and newspaper columnist, and a double blogger to boot...she also blogs at The Gonzo Mama. She's smirkingly sarcastic, cleverly funny and crazybusy, but somehow amidst all her working and carpooling and volunteering and knee bandaging she finds time to create yumfully homecooked recipes like this spin on Banana Cream Pie! BCP is one of my childhood favorites so any excuse to make it works for me!  ;)

Did you grow up in a big family? Did your parents make you homecooked meals or did you grow up on fast food and frozen dinners? What was your fave dessert as a kid?  :)

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  1. I was an only child. We ate homecooked meals and my Dad grew lots of fruit and veg. We did have some processed food though, like tinned beans and pasta. My fave dessert used to be Mum's lemon meringue pie.

    1. Every mom needs to make a memorable lemon mom had a fabulous murbeteig version. So cool that your Dad was such a handy were vegblessed! :)