Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy National Noodle Month...The Chow Mein Edition!

Blogger of the Day: Jen at Vegan For Everyone

Happy National Noodle Month! (Not noodles as in pasta...we'll save that for National Pasta Month in October.) Today let's chow on noodley vegan Chinese Chow Mein!  :)

Jen's site is just more undeniable proof that fabulous cruelty-free foods are found in every corner of the world! She covers cuisines from a dozen countries and keeps it all easy and colorful and healthy and delicious. These are meals you'll serve over and over, bringing smiley satisfied faces to vegans and yet-to-be-vegans too!  :)

Noted noodlemakers...
KA•ME Noodles
Annie Chun's Noodles
Eden Organic Noodles

What's your favorite Asian noodle dish? Do you like Chow Mein? Have you ever had a chow mein sandwich?  ;)

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