Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy National Pecan Day and International Waffle Day!

Blogger of the Day: Beth at Tasty Yummies

hmmmm...what's that low rumbling I'm waking up to? An adorably snoring pug? nope. A cutely snoozing bear? uh uh. A growling prowling snow plow? ummmmyep! Right outside my window the ground is covered in a solid layer of newly fallen frozenwhitesnow...which means I need a hot breakfast...which means waffle iron to the rescue!

Thankfully Beth has a deeply delicious pecan waffle recipe for today's double food holiday. Some blueberry jam on one of these chunkers will cheerfully help me forget about the coldsnowymess outside. If that doesn't work I'm just gonna keep making waffles until the dang stuff melts.  ;)

Beth is inspiring in a million ways besides her hearty waffles...she's a tattooed yoga teacher and supersuccessful Southern California graphic artist. Love this print!  :)

If you don't have a waffle iron:
• Make pancakes! Most waffle batter works just as well as pancake batter...you can add more vegan milk if you need to thin it.
• Some people say that letting gluten-free batter "rest" for 15 minutes at room temp before pancake-making gives you fluffier pancakes...give it a try!
• Get a waffle maker!  :)

What kind of waffles do you like best? How do you top them...vegan ice cream, syrup, jam, nut butter...? What's your favorite pecan treat? Do you vibe to yoga or some other quiet exercise?  :)

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  1. I love waffles on their own, but mostly with maple syrup and raw nutty butter. I love pecan ice cream!

    1. goodgolly it's been ages since I've had vegan butter pecan...I've got to give Heather's version a try!