Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy National Noodle Month...The Saucy Ramen Edition!

Blogger of the Day: Bianca at Vegan Crunk
Pubs: Cookin' Crunk

Sure, instant ramen noodles in a rainbow of flavors are cheap and easy to find...most likely you'll see brands like Mama, Maruchan, Nissin Top Ramen and Nongshim, but don't forget to check the ingredients! Then check them every time you buy because companies can change them without old favorite mushroom ramens aren't vegan anymore. Somehow they manage to sneak stuff like beef fat into the noodles themselves...aaargghh! Even if they don't use animal-based ingredients, the list of mile-long ingredients is enough to kill your appetite. Stick with organic if you can or just buy plain ramen noodles and reinvent ramen your way!  :)

The Royal Queen of Vegan Ramen crown belongs to Bianca without a doubt...this girl is addicted to ramen like no one on the planet. She's also superpassionate about being a vegan, she co-founded a Memphis-based group called Food Awareness to help educate people about veganism and animal activism. She bakes her heart out for charity bake sales and hosts madcrazyamazing vegan dinners. And her cookbook is one of my faves...go take a peek and you'll want to stuff your happy vegan face full of Southern crunk.  ;)

And to top it all's also National Sauce Month!  :)

What sauce couldn't you live without? What's your favorite instant ramen? Have you ever tried a ramen burger? Do you have your own ramen recipes? Share links if you've got 'em!  :)

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