Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy National Noodle Month...The Bean Noodle Edition!

Blogger of the Day: Crystal at The Modern Vegetarian - Recipes and Vegetarian 'n' Vegan Recipes

This week I mentioned to my superfun vegan uncle that it's National Noodle Month and being the adventurous epicure that he is, he immediately said "Food Field Trip"! Which means we piled in the car and zoomed straight to the Asian shop to get to know a new world of noodles. So many different kinds and cuisines (and languages!) was hard to choose but we came away with bags of booty, including bean noodles!

Asian bean noodles are superthin snowywhite noodles known as bean threads or mung bean threads or cellophane noodles or glass noodles or vermicelli noodles or a giant stack of other names. Like a blank canvas they soak up the vibrant flavors of surrounding ingredients so pair them up with your sauciest spiciest favorites. Soak and cook them, or dare to dryfry them for extra crunchitude!  ;)

Crystal's blogs are a treasure trove of Asian recipes including this yumful bowl of bean noodles. You can always sub in rice noodles or any kind of Asian noodles or thin pasta, but seek the bean if you can!  :)

Wondering where to buy bean noodles? Check the Asian section at your store or find a local Asian specialty grocery store...that's the best!

Go straight to the noodlemakers...
Eden Foods Selected Mung Bean Pasta (Harusame)
KA-ME Bean Threads (KA-ME Online Shop)

Buy from big stores online. (I usually use iherb or vitacost...then there's always megagiant Amazon.)
Eden Foods Selected Mung Bean Pasta (Harusame) at iherb
Dynasty Saifun Bean Threads at iherb
Eden Foods Selected Mung Bean Pasta (Harusame) at vitacost
Explore Asian Organic Mung Bean Fettuchini at vitacost
Noodles on

Try online specialty stores. (I haven't tried either of these yet.)
Temple of Thai:
Glass Noodles (Bean Thread)
Lungkow Glass Noodles
Broad Bean Threads
Shanghai Noodle Sheets
Asian Food Grocer:
Asian Noodles
Orchids Saifun Bean Thread
Orchids Saifun Noodle

Have you tried bean noodles? Do you have an Asian market in your town or do you buy online? What are your favorite dishes to order when you eat at an Asian restaurant? Next time, ask for bean noodles!  :)

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  1. Will check Crystal's blogs out asap, thanks. You noodle adventure sounds such fun- I love chinese and Asian supermarkets! I've not tried bean noodles, but my favourite at the moment are 100% soba (though cooking them perfectly can be tricky...)

    1. Your simple Black Bean Sauce would deliciously disguise my imperfect sobas! :)