Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy National Noodle Month...The Soba Noodle Edition!

Blogger of the Day: Sandy at Chow Vegan

Slurpity sobas are a bowlful of bliss! Scrumptilicious soba noodles are commonly made from buckwheat in combination with other grains like wheat or kamut, or veggies like yams, or even with green tea. (Buckwheat isn't really wheat at all and it's gluten-free so people that are sensitive to wheat or gluten can often eat buckwheat without a problem.) In Japan soba gets served in salads in spring and summer, and in hot soups or with sauces as the weather gets thing on earth when you come in from a flusteryblustery day! To enjoy them properly use your chopsticks. And yes you can slurp...tradition says you should!  ;)

When my uncle decided to resume his vegan diet a few years ago, first I cheered (yay!) then I started emailing him links to my favorite vegan websites...Sandy's Chow Vegan was one of the first. Sandy has me hooked, partly because the recipes are elegantly simple and healthy and creative, and partly because I just really love noodles.  :)

Bonus's also Food On A Stick Day!  ;)

Do you eat soba noodles? Hot or cold? What's your favorite stick-stuck food? Have you ever tried frying noodles on a stick?  ;)

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  1. I adore soba noodles- pretty much always have some in the cupboard! They are wonderful in a gingery tofu miso soup, and I'm about to launch into soba salads for Spring. I think seitan satay sticks are yummy.

    1. Soba swimming in a steamy hot bowl of your White Miso Noodle Broth with Beancurd would happily satisfy any noodle craving. :)