Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy National Vegan Meatball Day!

Blogger of the Day: Amy at Garlic and Sea Salt

Hello Sunday! For my family that automatically means meatballs, but it also happens to be the official annual holiday honoring these little orbs of wonder...yippee! I've been craving them since I woke up so meatballs it will be!  ;)

Remember amazing Amy from Fragrant Vanilla Cake? In addition to FVC, Amy started Garlic and Sea Salt awhile ago to feature her non-desserty veg-friendly delectables. Plenty are vegan but for her vegetarian recipes, just sub in agave or brown rice syrup or other liquid sweetener for honey and use vegan versions of cheese. Her happily all-vegan meatballs rock with pasta but even better in a crusty bun with lotsa sauce and a mountain of melty vegan cheese...yumza!  :)

Vegan meatballs can be made with vegan meats, beans, nuts, seeds...all sorts of things. What's your favorite? Do you plop them on pasta, skewer them, sandwich them or just pop them in your mouth? :)

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