Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy National Cereal Day!

Blogger of the Day: Laurie at whisking & writing
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National Cereal Day always reminds me of rollicking roadtripping vacations as a kid. My dad was the quintessential American Dad...he grew up in Brooklyn and spent summers in the Catskills, and he wanted us to enjoy the same wildernessy summery bliss he had so into the car we went as soon as school let out. One year it was down South, hitting up Lincoln's homestead, the Grand Ole Opry and the Great Smoky Mountains...I saw my first wild black bears! Another trip was out west to Yosemite...goodgolly that was an crazy cowboy boot-chasing odyssey! We always toted a boatload of those mini cereal boxes that you'd carefully punch open to make a little cereal bowl. We'd inevitably wrestle over who got which cereal...I always went for Froot Loops or Apple Jacks and let everyone else duke it out for the flaky, raisiny or chocolatey choices. Must be magic packed in those little boxes cuz nothing compares to the happiness of slurping your favorite cereal out of a box as you watch billboards flip by on a sunshiny adventure!

Today we celebrate cereal with Laurie of whisking & writing! Laurie is a gluten-free vegan whiz of inspiration...she's published two bakerific cookbooks, won a national Canadian recipe cookoff (with a vegan dish!), runs, bikes & yogacizes, and has earned a Master of Arts in Musicology and certification as a Personal Trainer Specialist and Nutrition and Wellness Specialist. And she runs three blogs and all that social media stuff. Aaaannd she continues to create more and more superhealthy allergy-free recipes, including a new cookbook on pies and desserts coming soon...check out how she spins cereal on National Cereal Day!  :)

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From The Peace Patch past  :)

How are you celebrating National Cereal Day? What are your favorite cereal-based desserts? Did you roadtrip as a kid? What would you include in your ideal mini cereal pack?  :)

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MiniCereal Photo Sources...
Retro Post-Tens
General Mills Breakfast Pack (Honey Nut to Lucky Charms)
General Mills Breakfast Pack (Golden Grahams to Trix)
Retro Kellogg's Variety Pack
General Mills Breakfast Pack (Apple Jacks to Froot Loops)
Kellogg's 30-box Jumbo Pack

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