Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy National Macaroon Day!

Bloggers of the Day: Rissa & Nathaniel at The Dirty Hippie & The Bohemian Girl

Although they do embody an earthhugging peaceloving wandering free spirit, Rissa and Nathaniel aren't one bit dirty and there's no patchouli within sniffing distance They are in fact citysavvy supertalented professional photographers who cheer on going green, buying local and eating vegdelicious! Take a tour through a few of their projects...
Baltimore Vegan Drinks...if you're in the area, meet, greet, eat and tip a few back with this lively group!
Balance Photography...full service photography studio
Balance Weddings...classic and creative photo styles (and a guide to green weddings too!)
Cafe Boudoir...playful, stunning or sophisticated sessions
Balance Headshots...portfolio portraits
Balance Pet Photography...snappily captured animals, both exotic and everyday!

With all that on their plate, they find time to dream up deliciousness too! Anybody can make plainjane macaroons, but the Dirty Hippie Bohemian Girl version is yumfully far out!  ;)

How about some coconutty treats for the pups?  :)

Are you a macaroon fan? Baked or raw? Dipped in chocolate or not? What other cookies would you turn into a muffin? Where do you fall on the Hippie Continuum?  ;)

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