Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy Anasazi Bean Day!

Blogger of the Day: Ginny at Vegan in the Freezer

The Bean of the Month is the Anasazi Bean! Sweet Anasazi Beans are named for the ancient Pueblo culture known for its fantastically complex dwellings such as Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde and the White House Ruins at Canyon de Chelly, for its intricate pictographs, and for its advanced agriculture. Everything about the Pueblo peoples' lives was dramatic...their homes, their climate, even these red and white beanbeauties. Sumptuously delicious in any Southwest or Mexican dish, they also make the best tasting burgers! Arizona vegan Ginny knows exactly how to handle them...her Crispy Anasazi Burgers are simply brilliant! All of her sandwichy stacks are irresistible...how does she create so much yumfulness in a bun? And there's more than just burgers, so drop in and see what she's got coming out of the Freezer tonight!  ;)

Don't miss Ginny's freezer pops!

Did you know you can...
Take full moon walks and study astronomy in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
Climb to a ceremonial tower at Hovenweep, Utah
Go on special backcountry hikes at Mesa Verde, Colorado
Join Navajo-led tours of Canyon de Chelly, Arizona
Visit the gorgeous Four Corners area through the Navajo Nation Tribal Park System

Have you tried Anasazi beans? What's your favorite kind of beany burger? Do you explore ancient ruins? Where would you like to go next?  :)

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