Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy Nelson Mandela International Day!

Blogger of the Day: Mel at Veganise This!

Nelson Mandela International Day (or Mandela Day) celebrates the life and mission of a phenomenal man by asking everyone to devote 67 minutes of the day to serving others. Keep up with Mandela Day events or create your own! Need some inspiration? Animal activist Jamie Joseph wrote a fabulous article and webpage about honoring Mandela's spirit and Ubuntu, the universal bond of compassion and kindness that connects all living beings...animals and humans alike, regardless of size, shape, color or country. And definitely check out Boyd Varty's How to Save the Planet - Restoring Eden, his family's crazybeautiful Londolozi Game Reserve (Londolozi is Zulu for "Protector of all living things") and his heartcheering TED talk...including elephants!  :)

One of Nelson Mandela's favorite dishes was Umngqusho (cracked hominy and beans) veganfriendly comfort food! Mel from Veganise This! brings us another South African favorite as part of her world tour of vegan recipes. Have an international potluck, invite friends and friends' friends and reach out with yumful compassion!  :)

Chakalaka from South Africa ~ Spicy Beans & Peppers

Jasha Maroo from Bhutan ~ Ginger Chili Tofu & Red Rice

Lahmajoon from Armenia ~ Lemony Pizza

Plov from Tajikstan ~ Spicy Lentils, Chickpeas & Rice

Oromo from Kyrgyzstan ~ Lentil Veg Stuffed Spiral

Mofo Sakay from Madagascar ~ Watercress Fritters

How are you opening your heart with compassion today?  :)

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