Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happy Jicama Day!

Blogger of the Day: Susan at Rawmazing
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Rawmazing pairs Susan's camera talent with her kitchen wizardry to bring you crazydelicious raw vegan meals of every color and flavor. Susan is high raw which means her vegan diet is about 80% raw and extra healthy! She's a fabulous photographer so get ready for some supergorgeous yummable stuff!  :)

Jicama's been around for centuries, favored for it's sweet crunch and easy snackability. Peel it, slice it, hit it with salt & pepper, your favorite spices or a dunk of dip and you're done!  :)
Jicama trivia...
• Jicama (HIC-a-ma), also called Mexican Yam Bean, is a brown-skinned root vegetable.
• It resembles a turnip but it is a member of the bean family.
• Jicama, which is peeled before eating, is crisp and white and its mild flavor is similar to a water chestnut.
• Jicama is used raw in salads; or boiled and baked like a potato.
• Nutrient content: Low in calories and fat, good source of Vitamin C, and contains some potassium, iron and calcium.

A few of Susan's jicama hits and a small sampling of her vast rawmazingness...

Have you tried jicama? Raw or cooked? How much of your diet is raw? Which of Susan's recipes is the most rawmazing to you?  ;)

Celebrate some more with our 2014 Daily Food Holiday and Featured Blogger Series!

Jicama Photo
Andean Botany & Nasca Pottery Images
Jicama Image & Trivia
• Recipe photo courtesy of Susan Powers at Rawmazing

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