Saturday, July 12, 2014

Happy National Watermelon Month!

Blogger of the Day: Tasha at The Healing Kitchen

Tasha's little watermelon cups are spinningly simple to make and practically calorie free. Tasha fills hers with festive fruit salad and a plop of cashew cream sauce. You can fill yours with whatever you like...
• Pile in fresh berries or kiwi chunks or banana slices
• Scoop in sorbet or vegan ice cream
• Pour in pudding or a colorful smoothie
• Spoon in a savory chilled soup
• Try a summery salsa or tomato corn salad
• Go with Greek olive salad and vegan feta
• Tuck in a tiny cube of your favorite cake
• Or just fill your watermelon cups with more melon!  :)

National Watermelon Month is full of fun stuff!
Find fascinating facts
Learn simple slicing
Make melon art
Compete in a carving contest (deadline Aug.4, 2014!)
Pick up competitive melon eating tips
Meet the National Watermelon Queen
Enjoy a melon festival!

What's your favorite way to celebrate watermelons? Do you carve watermelons in crazycreative ways? Have you entered a watermelon contest? Did you win?  ;)

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