Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Rainbow Sprinx Day!

Blogger of the Day: Rachel at Rachel in Veganland

My apologies for the delayed system got fried in Monday's lightning zappapalooza. Big mess but a supercool storm! Many thanks to good friend J who traded tech help for vegan burgers and brownies.  ;)

Celebrate the last day of Gay Pride Month with a cascade of compassionate colors! Use rainbow sprinkelz or rainbow sprinkles or rainbow confetti or rainbow sparkles...whatever rocks your colorlovin' heart!   :)

You can sprinx up anything...vegan yogurt, ice cream, pudding, doughnuts. Scatter them in your PBJ sandwiches, toss them in your fruit salads or mix them into your waffles, pancakes and cakes...when you mix your sprinx into the cake itself it's called a Funfetti Cake! Behold Rachel in Veganland's version...supercute and amazingly yumful! We baked half the batch today as a small cake and we're saving the other half to make tomorrow so we can symbolically say "Gay Pride lasts more than just one month"!

Veganland is a merry ride through Rachel's creative days, peeking into what she eats, what's on her face, where she goes and what she focuses on, and livin' it up veganwild in the Deep South. She's sleeved in crazycool tattoos and slings some fabulous wings so step through the looking glass and dare to eat some wondrous treats!  ;)

What's your sprinkle of choice...rainbows, chocolate, coconut or...? What recipes do you like to sprinx up? How are you spreading compassion to humans and animals today?  :)

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