Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Blueberry Smoothie Day!

Blogger of the Day: Barbara at Rawfully Tempting
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Barbara embodies the phrase "No pressure, no diamonds"...sometimes situations of extreme adversity give rise to phenomenal things! Barbara has struggled with numerous setbacks and health issues, including a fullblown heart attack, but she continues to shine through with resolve and resilience. Her blog Rawfully Tempting is an amazingly abundant resource for all things raw, offering a long list of recipes as well as helpful information, newsletters and services for those who want to explore raw cuisine. Barbara has really found her groove...she sparkles with creativity and compassion when it comes to developing, sharing and cooking her recipes. Her enthusiasm for reaching out to others with the good news about raw foods is remarkable, earning her accolades from the the 6th Annual Best of Raw Awards, part of the 2014 Raw Living Expo, Barbara received the Best Raw Gourmet Chef and Best Raw Blog Awards!  :)

Barbara's products and services include...
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Water Kefir & supplies
Demos, classes & workshops

Do you follow a raw and/or vegan diet to heal a medical condition? Has it helped? What resources or books do you use to guide you? Are you aware of the bountiful benefits of blueberries ?  ;)

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  1. Thank you so very much for this amazing post! I trully appreciate your kind thoughts and comments! Blessings!

    1. So nice to see you! It was hard to choose which treats to much yum! :)