Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy Pick Blueberries Day!

Blogger of the Day: Alessandra at Cucina Libera

Give me any excuse to wear bogs and bibs and I am on it...especially if it involves my favorite food blueberries! Apparently overalls are a hip and trendy thing now. I've worn them since I was a supercomfortable, no restricting midsection, lotsa pockets and easily cleanable. Can be cheap if you know where to go.

Once you're suited up, find a farm and pluck those suckers til you're blue in the face. Dream about what you'll do with all that blueberry goodness...pies, tarts, turnovers, smoothies. Don't forget jam. You can go the oldfashioned way or follow Alessandra's easy 1-2-3!  :)

Check out these nationally known blueberry festivals if you can...
Bethlehem Blueberry Festival...July 18-20, 2014,  Bethlehem, PA
Machias Wild Blueberry Festival...Aug 15-17, 2014,  Machias, ME
National Blueberry Festival...Aug 7-10, 2014,  South Haven, MI
Montrose Blueberry Festival...Aug 14-17, 2014,  Montrose, MI
Lexington Blueberry Festival...Aug 14-17, 2014,  Lexington OH
Wild Blueberry Festival...Aug 15-17, 2014, Paradise, MI
Marshall County Blueberry Festival...Aug 29-Sept. 1, 2014,  Plymouth, IN
and more!
Pick up tips and info too!

Do you go berry picking in summertime? At a farm or in your backyard? Overalls for you, yes or no?
Oh yeah...don't forget sunscreen and a hat!  :)

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  1. I love blueberries! I always buy them from roadside stands in the summertime and finish the massive bucket in a day or two...they are irrestistible! I also always try to go berry-picking at a local farm at least once during the summer. It's so fun!

    I have a pair of super cute short overalls (dungarees??) from drop dead clothing. I always feel like I'm 5 when I wear them but I love it!

    1. Your Berry Mango Crumble In A Jar is a handful of magic! I am so packing one of these on my next beach hike! :)