Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy National Lasagna Day!

Blogger of the Day: Janet at the taste space
Pubs: A Vegan Dinner Party

I clearly remember the first day I rode a bike. My dad had been teaching me for weeks, but I kept wobbling like a drunken clown on a greased tightrope. Then one summer evening came along that sent our family backyard party scurrying inside because of a sudden downpour. The food was hauled in, the kids descended to the basement for ping pong and monopoly, and the adults stirred cocktails and gossiped and noshed on leftovers. I wandered out to the garage, empty at the time, and decided to practice riding my bike solo. Back and forth, round and round, I wobbledstopped, wobbledstopped, wobbledstopped until one supercalifragilistic moment when I rode across the whole garage. Which I admit isn't exactly the Tour de France...but give me credit for persistence and determination.  ;)

My little golden flyer bike got some serious mileage that summer but nothing like what Janet's bike must get every day. In addition to creating some of the most delicious vegan dishes on the planet, she cycles some serious terrain including the grueling Shiner GASP and the challenging Rideau route with her dad. She definitely glides a happy groove when it comes bikes, balls and all sorts of yum, which brings us to today's food holiday...

Mention lasagna and people get weakkneed and dizzydrooly within seconds! While a bigfatslab of cheezeheavy layers can spin me superhungry, summer calls for a lighter slice. Janet makes it happen with easy zucchini and crazygood cauliflower cheeze. Time to stack it up!  :)

Name your favorite lasagna...how do you like to layer it? Do you remember the first time you rode a bike? Do you still go riding? Describe your favorite ride. :)

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  1. Plenty of yummy dishes you’ve got there! I like the Tour de France part and childhood story you’ve shared. Lasagna is my favorite - sadly I don’t see much here in Torino, they don’t use a lot of vegan cheeze here except for this vegan fast food chain. I like the fact that they use natural and real ingredients in their dishes.

  2. You are too kind. I am flattered you profiled me! Check your email since you won one of my giveaways :)