Monday, December 16, 2013

A Blanket of Chocolate Bliss

Happy National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day!
Once you start covering things in a thick blanket of chocolate, you won't stop! Berries, nuts, potato chips, cookies whatever spins your spurs...bundle them up in sweet little gift bags and spread the chocolate love!  :)

from Amy at DAMY Health

from Jessie May at Made to Create

from Emily at This Rawsome Vegan Life

from Namely Marly

from Emma Gonzalez at HuffPost

from Nathan & Jennifer at All American Vegan

from Clare at Calm Mind Busy Body

from Bridget at The Road Not Processed

from Namely Marly

from Gena at Choosing Raw

from Matthew at Vegan Heartland

What's your favorite chocolate-covered treat? What would you like to try? Vegan dark chocolate or white chocolate...or both?  ;)


  1. Thanks for this post :) I love chocolate covered dates filled with home made marzipan at this time of year... see blog. I also topped a cake with chocolate the other day- yum!

    1. Date and marzipan chocolates! I think I could eat these all day! Thanks for the recipe. :)